Program Enrichments


We have incorporated children’s yoga into our curriculum to help our children develop body awareness, develop social-emotional awareness, and learn manage their emotions and body through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement.

  • We encourage outdoor free play in our robust playground facility. Free play with peers is essential for pro-social behavior development such as small group cooperation.
  • We also introduce soccer, where children are taught soccer skills and game rules and sportsmanship.
  • Through our Outdoor Play Program, our children develop Components of Fitness (strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, agility, coordination) and Fundamental Motor Skills (locomotor, non-locomotor, manipulative, weight maneuvers).

Music education is very important to a young child’s development. For language development, music education helps to develop syntax and absolute pitch, which enhance language acquisition, especially tonal languages like Chinese. Research also shows that music helps build children’s self-confidence, enhances complex reasoning skills and focused listening skills.

The program is designed to offer a rich blend of activities that include creative movement, vocal play, object and instrument exploration, to stimulate children’s growth and development and engage all their senses.


The study of nature, and an appreciation for nature, is an integral part of our curriculum. Children must learn about and interact with nature in order to truly appreciate its wonders; to do so, each spring our children plant a garden.

  • Our garden teaches hope and nurturing, as our children plant seeds each spring, with loving intention, and learn to care for young seedlings.
  • Our garden teaches science, as our young scientists take plant measurements and learn how the rain and sun makes plants grow.
  • Our garden teaches community and cooperation, as our young farmers learn to water and care for their plants, watching each day as yummy watermelons and corn grow. They then host a farmer’s market in the fall.

The final lesson our Community Garden teaches, is the most important of all: gratitude for Mother Earth. Our children prepare a thanksgiving meal with the crops they grow and harvest, sharing it with their families.


Cooking is the experience of being fully present in the moment, an appreciation and gratitude for the food made by loving hands; a moment of self-awareness and joyful spirituality. Young children love to cook. Cooking embraces balanced learning as it engages all brain domains, but most importantly, social-emotional joy. Cooking allows for important Spanish and Chinese vocabulary building as young learners discuss what they are doing and counting, while watching materials change color, texture, and medium.

Additionally, cooking provides opportunities for children to understand and apply their knowledge of measuring, one-to-one correspondence, counting, and numbers. As they follow a recipe, children organize ingredients, and carry out multiple steps in a process.


We host many cultural, seasonal and family events which allow our families to participate, observe and share in the unique experiences and growth their children are enjoying at Bilingual Whiz Kidz.