“This was the 3rd school/daycare that we have taken our child to and it is by far the best one! He has advanced so much since he had joined Monica and her staff. His personality is really showing and All of the teachers there really show him so much acceptance and love. You get a warm and welcoming vibe from the environment and from the teachers. It has been the best decision we have made when it comes to our child.”
– Rivera Family
“We are so incredibly grateful that we found Bilingual Whiz Kidz. We love this school for so many different reasons. We have been sending our son there since he was 6 months old and it is apparent that he has always been well cared for in an engaging environment.
The maestras (teachers) are extremely thoughtful and nurturing with all of the kiddos. They are genuinely happy to see the children each day and take pride in the work they do in their classrooms. The teachers are excited to show off the different activities they’ve done with the students throughout the day. Also, the maestras are great communicators and great listeners. They show an authentic interest in the well-being of their kiddos. They are always willing to do whatever it takes to best care for each child’s unique needs. They give frequent updates of how the baby’s day is going throughout each day, sending various photos of happy babies!
The school environment is warm, colorful, and engaging. All staff members work to create a welcoming atmosphere and are happy to help out in any way possible. The director of the school is extremely intentional with all of her plans for the school. It is apparent that she puts a great deal of thought and purpose behind each decision that she makes for the school. The teaching team creates a curriculum with rich vocabulary taught by native Spanish speakers (which is amazing!). Additionally, there are thematic units which makes the new content being taught so much more comprehensible to young learners.
They have done tons of research on the materials for the classrooms and the supplies they buy for the students. It’s all very fun while highly educational, so students are learning naturally throughout the day. The classrooms are joyful and encourage play for youngsters. Also, they are big on cleanliness so everything is very well kept and sanitized.
As an elementary teacher, I cannot imagine a better school to send my young son to. I feel confident that my son is learning new things everyday while growing socially as well. BWK is helping my son to become a bilingual child which will have a life-long, positive impact. Even more importantly, I know that all of my son’s social, emotional, and developmental needs are cultivated in a loving environment.”
– Benoy Family
“Our 1 year old daughter has attended Whiz kidz bilingual school for a number of months and she absolutely loves it. She only attends a few days a week but we have been surprised at the Spanish she has picked up already!
We have noticed there are some words that she can say in Spanish that she doesn’t know in English. It’s really great, I can imagine that she would pick up even more if she was there every day.
The director is very sweet and caring and has a very modern approach to teaching and on discipline which is nice to find in Dallas. We really like all of the teachers too. They really have a good team.”
– Wilson Family
“This is my very first review of any business on Yelp and I’m doing so to tell you how great Bilingual Whiz Kidz is for children. If you are looking for an extremely loving, educational, safe and clean school for you baby/child, this is the perfect place for you. My husband and I took a tour, and from the moment we stepped in the building we were convinced that this was a top notch childcare/school. Although it’s hard to describe the feeling required to be able to leave your baby/child and know that they are in good hands, I’ll try.
Every morning we are greeted with happy faces and warm hello, actually Buenos Dias :). Teachers are patient, gentle and loving and truly show care and connection to each child. Throughout the day updates are provided on your child’s meals, play and diaper/potty activities.
The owner/director is present and clearly believes in quality education and care. All development opportunities and individual needs are supported for each child. When we discussed that our daughter was showing interest in potty-training at home, the owner/teachers ensured this was supported and that we have a real partnership.
My experience with older siblings was that potty-training didn’t start until a 2-year-old classroom and there was no support for an early starter (daughter is 16 months old). On top of all the fantastic care and safety, your child also has the benefit to become bilingual. The approach the owner/director takes is based heavily on science and the ability of the child’s brain to process and grow utilizing multiple languages.
If you’re looking for a great school/pre-school, don’t look any further than Bilingual Whiz Kidz, Richardson TX.”
– Ceperro Family
“My daughter has some special needs yet has grown tremendously the last 6 months at Bilingual Whiz Kidz. Monica, the director, has been a wonderful support system to our family while we navigate health and behavior issues. My daughter was reluctant to go to school for the first several weeks, but now?
She screams to go to school as soon as she wakes up. She loves her teachers, her friends, her routine, and even her uniform.
We love the warmth of BWK and the colorful classrooms. We love that she has gained social skills, feeding skills, potty training, and a routine.
We are astonished how much Spanish she knows in 6 months! It’s a wonderful daycare that I would definitely recommend.”
– Jameson Family
“My very apprehensive child has improved a lot since he started attending Bilingual Whiz Khidz, I can say that he really loves his school, his classmates and especially his teacher. He does not want to leave when it’s time to pick him up. I feel very at peace when I leave him, because I know that he is having the best time of his life playing and learning.”
– Martinez Family
“The place is always clean and cozy, I like that they pay attention to the temperature of the building. The decoration is very cute and appealing for the children. Our daughter is always happy to stay when I drop her off and pick her up. She recognizes her teachers and wants to go with them right away, which brings me peace of mind all the time. They are very careful with her things and meals that we pack for her. She is always very clean and happy when we pick her up.
Monica is just fabulous with children and helpful in every single way. Rosanna is the teacher of our little 6mo baby and we are nothing but grateful for the attention and the care she provides. Our baby will be able to speak Spanish and communicate with the rest of her family and we are very happy about that. Wonderful place in every single way!!”
– Nelson Family
“My daughter is just under two and we enrolled her this fall at Bilingual Whiz Kidz. We are SO HAPPY with this center — it’s beautiful, clean, calm, and built around conscious discipline and full Spanish language immersion – all things that we have been looking for for over a year. From the moment you walk into Bilingual Whiz Kidz you can feel the love and warmth of the place, and spend some time with their wonderful director Monica, who has been a dream in helping us get started at her new center.
Not only are we the parents happy, but our daughter seems like a whole new child since starting there. She’s genuinely getting stimulated all day long with so much quality attention that at the end of the day she is not running to us desperately, as she was doing at previous places she attended. Instead, she just happily and calmly shows us what she’s doing and tours us around the room happily every time we arrive. We feel lucky to be part of this new and growing pre-school community.
Definitely consider and tour it if you’re looking for these things in an early childhood center for your infant to 5-year-old.”
– Bradley Family
“My 4-year-old son has been attending for 3 semesters and my 2 -year-old for 2 semesters. They both enjoy the fun and loving environment. I cannot wait for them to start teaching Chinese. My kids would say or sing random things in Spanish when they are at home and I had to use Google translate to try to understand them.
I sent my son away for a very nice summer camp this past summer. He looked like he had fun. When we ask him to go to the same camp this year he does not wish to return. He says he wants to go to Bilingual Whiz Kids. That says a lot about this place.”
– Yi Chuan Family
“We love Bilingual Whiz Kidz! They really use the science of early childhood development to ensure all aspects of your child’s growth! We teach our daughter English at home so sending her to a school where she learns a new language during the most critical time of her learning development is a blessing. After the first week of attending she was not only happier but more vocal than she had been at her last school. They do an amazing job of combining learning and play through structured activities.
You can tell the teachers care a lot and it shows when your kid is excited to get to school. Not to mention that the natural light in all the classrooms really helps. Everything is extremely clean and new which may be the reason our daughter isn’t getting sick as regularly as she used to. They have family events which really helps in feeling part of a community and not just a school. It’s also really conveniently located off of 75 so it helps with our commute!
Last thing that I really appreciate is the usage of conscious discipline. They care about helping even the youngest of kids to learn how to understand and control their emotions/behaviors versus just correcting them and disciplining them with a time out. You will not be disappointed with this school!”
– Yazdanpanah Family