Vision & Philosophy

  • “We create 21st Century Thinkers through language immersion and cultural understanding. Languages, through unique words and idioms, reflect and teach a culture’s history and wisdom, as well as its processes of thought.”

    The Sami of Scandinavia have over 180 words for snow, and the Inuit 53. Whose brains are better equipped as scientists to study the nuances of global warming? Languages are the brain’s thinking tools too.

    A bilingual early childhood education, using language immersion techniques, provides the best educational model to encourage human communication, understanding, empathy and appreciation of diversity. Our school will exemplify these qualities as we prepare children for the demands of an ever-changing world.

    The best time to achieve bilingualism and cultural mindfulness is during the first five years, while communication neurons are forming within the brain, when the joy of first friendships are established through play, when the child looks forward to sharing curiosity with fellow explorers and all of this is happening within a preschool where everyone speaks these fascinating new languages!

    Our Process to Vision

    ¨We don’t teach Spanish, we teach in Spanish…..and we teach in Chinese too.”

    Bilingual Whiz Kidz offers a wholistic early childhood education program using industry leading national and international curricula. Our Wholistic Curriculum honors the physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language and cultural domains of a child’s early education, leveraging developmental “windows of opportunity” known as Sensitive Periods.

    The Language Sensitive Period is birth until age 7.

    Immersion preschools leverage the Language Sensitive Period to achieve bilingualism or multilingualism, depending upon the age the child begins the curriculum. Because the child is immersed in multiple languages during the correct biological period, each child acquires both languages easily, simultaneously and equally in a process called simultaneous language acquisition.

    Our curriculum also recognizes the interconnectedness between other brain functional domains and their associated sensitive periods.

    Why miss the window of opportunity to easily become bilingual?

    At Bilingual Whiz Kidz, we surround our students with Spanish and/or Chinese as they integrate and participate in learning activities, social settings and friendships during their school day. Immersion is a very natural way children learn one, two or even three languages; they just need the exposure and conversation to occur!