Salón Mariquitas Rojas

3-12 Months Old
  • Class Overview

  • Salón Mariquitas Rojas! 红色瓢虫! Classroom Red Ladybugs!

    We accept infants starting at 3 months of age. Our infant classroom teaches Spanish and Chinese through a process called simultaneous language acquisition, where your child learns languages through interactions with their caregivers. The first year of life is the perfect window of opportunity to acquire the tonal sounds necessary to become multilingual in Spanish, Chinese and English; an infant’s brain is absolutely designed to do this simultaneously and naturally starting at birth!

    At our infant center, your child will receive a bountiful amount of love, nurturing and individual attention.  S/he will also engage with similar aged children and age-appropriate educational toys to maximize development of important motor, sensory, cognitive, language and social skills. We use the Creative Curriculum with infant specific lesson plans directed at achieving age appropriate developmental milestones. Of course, your infant will be immersed in Spanish and Chinese during this important first year of language development and multiple language acquisition.


     In addition to providing a highly stimulating educational environment, we offer your child a safe, loving home away from home. In this regard, we will:

    • Provide your infant with his/her own individual crib along with crib sheets and blankets, which we launder regularly.
    • Personalize care, meal and nap times to meet you and your child's individual needs and preferences. For example, maintain any sleeping and/or feeding schedule that you may have in place.
    • Accommodate personal feeding preferences by accepting pumped breast milk or inviting you to come to the center anytime to breastfeed your child.
    • Low staff to child ratios.
    • Age Group:
      3-12 Months Old
    • Class Size:
      9 Children
    • Sessions:
      Half-Day Mornings
  • BWKschool: Simultaneous language acquisition is a more natural process to achieve multilingualism and the Infant Program Advantage.

    During the first six months of life, babies babble using the 70 tonal sounds that comprised all humanity’s spoken languages. They are literally born into the world as Global Citizens. They will then learn to talk using only the tonal sounds they pick up from their environment, most importantly from their parents and caregivers. A baby’s brain will then discard the ability to speak in language tones s/he does not hear (Kotulak, 1996). This window of opportunity is called a Critical Period for tonal acquisition, and is from birth to 13 months.

    During a Critical Period, the brain is increasing neural connections called synapses associated with a particular brain function like languages or motor skills. When a Critical Period ends, the brain begins to prune unused synapses to become more efficient and further tonal re-acquisition becomes difficult. It is a “use it or lose it” process.

    Our infant program leverages this important developmental period to build the human sound recognition needed for multiple language acquisition. By exposing our infant students to Spanish, Chinese and English, we increase the list of tonal sounds the brain can easily process, spoken by native speakers during the caregiver to infant interaction. By beginning in infancy, the multiple language acquisition is simultaneous, meaning neither language is learned first. Simultaneous language acquisition is a more natural process to achieve multilingualism and the Infant Program Advantage.



  • Class Schedule

    Below is a sample Class Schedule. Expect this to be updated soon!
  • Our games and activities will provide hours of fun for your child.

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