Parent Corner

  • On behalf of your child, thank you for giving them the gift of bilingualism. Thank you for making this important, life altering choice!

  • Congratulations and Welcome to Our Unique Community!

    Congratulations on being a parent and taking on this special life experience and responsibility! As parents, we fill a unique roll as both Guide To and Student Of that very special teacher, our child.

    The preschool years are a period of ¨first-time family milestones,” where new parents transition from self to caregiver. For many parents, these years are their first experience as family leaders within community: family community, school community, church community, sports community and their child’s social community. The choices, routines and rituals made during this great time of ¨parental firsts¨ will define the family culture and many future outcomes. On behalf of your child, we thank you for giving the gift of bilingualism. We thank you for making this wise choice and associated future outcome, one of many more to come!

    Also during the preschool years, many parents find themselves simultaneously growing their families and careers. Career growth is a normal part of being a good provider, but these two parental functions can be in conflict, creating stress and challenges.

    In today’s busy complex world, parents may not possess the time to discover new parenting skillsets by trial and error. To help navigate through this exciting phase of life, we created the Parent’s Corner and Resource page. Take advantage of information given via links, newsletter, blog, our parent effectiveness training and subject lectures.

    As you join the Bilingual Whiz Kidz community, please befriend and enjoy fellow parents at our school. Be sure to exchange information, mentorship and share good times with each other. Many of our graduates will attend the same elementary, middle and high schools together and your child’s friends will feel like your own children, their families like your own family. Peer group families are a precious resource and the relationships something to cherish.

    Take advantage of Parent’s Night Out too! We do the babysitting for free!

    We see learning as a social activity and value collaborative learning and community participation.

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