Advantages Of Bilingualism

  • Surprisingly, most of the world’s population is bilingual. In fact, most of the world’s educational institutions mandate bilingual programs, but in the United States, we the people must choose it to enjoy the advantages bilingualism provides in a 21st century, interconnected world.   

    Sending your child to the Bilingual Whiz Kidz is like sending him/her to another country each day where they are immersed in another language and culture. BWK employs only native speaking teachers. Our students gain the advantage of obtaining early exposure to a second language in a formal setting where they can achieve native-like fluency and pronunciation.

    The key is that someone must make the choice on the child’s behalf, early during the language sensitive years. By learning more than one language at a young age, students obtain many skills and advantages that will benefit them throughout their lives.

    Tamara Peters, the president of the Leman International Academy, cites six research-validated advantages of bilingualism she calls “The Six Cs”. At Bilingual Whiz Kidz, we call them the Bilingual Advantage.

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